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Land Preservation

Since it was established in 1986, the American Chestnut Land Trust has preserved over 3,500 acres in Calvert County, Maryland. ACLT owns nearly 1,400 acres, manages 1,800 acres owned by the State of Maryland, and holds conservation easements on 374 privately-owned acres. These properties are also known as the Parkers Creek Preserve. For an overview of the landscape, watch the aerial video of Parkers Creek.

The crown jewel of our land trust is Parkers Creek—the Calvert Cliffs and sandy shoreline in the vicinity of the mouth of Parkers Creek look much the same today as they did 400 years ago when Captain John Smith explored the Chesapeake Bay. A visitor today can still paddle a canoe over a mile and a half through unspoiled salt marshes and wooded freshwater wetlands and see little sign of human activity.

The land trust also protects land in the smaller nearby Governors Run Watershed which contains mature hardwood forest and plant species more commonly found in the mountains and Piedmont than on the Coastal Plain.

  • Explore ACLT’s 22 miles of trails. View the Complete Trail Map. Complete Trail Map

  • Learn more about the many ways to secure the future of your own beloved property. We permanently protect natural areas by land purchase, conservation easements, and land leases.

  • Farm with nature. Join us in growing food at Double Oak Farm in a way that works with nature’s processes.

  • Learn about the natural resources and cultural history of this area.

  • Support ACLT as a donor and a volunteer. Join us in the office, in the woods, or in the fields to monitor, maintain, manage, and utilize the vast resources of this special place!


Preserved Properties 


ACLT is still trying to conserve more land in the Parkers Creek and Governors Run watersheds. If you own land in these watersheds and wish to preserve your property, please give us a call. Please donate if you can. Land conservation is expensive! To learn more about land conservation options, contact us!

Geology & History

One of ACLT’s founding members, Peter Vogt, has written a series of articles documenting the geology and history of the Parkers Creek watershed and ACLT. Read them here.

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